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For Three Womenher first highly anticipated book, journalist Lisa Taddeo immersed herself in the lives of three American women for the better part of ten years. Three Women is a story of sex and desire, trauma and longing, power and vulnerability, all explored in an unflinching, honest way. In each narrative, it examines the invisible forces that shape our sexuality.

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Carpenter's new novel is Red, White, Blue. She is developing her first book, Eleven Daysfor television. Carpenter lives in New York.

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For that reason, she resisted talking about the movement in the book. Yet criticisms of Three Womenwhich is about the rawest sexual and emotional desires of three American women, and how they have often been thwarted and misunderstood, seem, to me, unfairly threshed in the gears of MeToo. Part of the power of that movement — which with depressing repetition tells us the stories of more-powerful men assaulting, abusing, intimidating, and raping less-powerful women they come into contact with at work, at school, in a department store dressing room, on the massage table — has to do with the sheer volume of stories it takes for one woman to be believed and our need to know the details of exactly how it went down.

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About what turned her on or off. That her sexuality was merely a trail in the woods, the unmarked kind that is made by boots trampling tall grass. And the boots belonged to my father.

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She did not anticipate that this would lead to an eight-year journey in which she would speak to more than people. She eventually boiled this down to Three Women, her non-fiction debut, which goes painstakingly into the tiniest details of the lives of the titular women as they open up about affairs, unconventional relationships and sexual assault. It has since been picked up by television network Showtime to be adapted into a series.

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I have a small tray decorated with two gorgeous, red-lipped glamour girls, poised for the good life in front of a lush bush of bright pink flowers. But then love for women has a long history as slavery. From their earliest fairy tales, it is the Great Event.

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Lina, a lonely housewife from Indiana, was having an affair. She would meet Aidan, an old high school boyfriend, for sex — usually in his car down a quiet back road — and afterwards she would call up Lisa Taddeo and tell her everything. A Boston-based journalist, Taddeo has spent the last eight years embedded in the lives of three different women. Taddeo lived near them, worked out with them and drank with them.

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Three Womena No. We can make each other feel dowdy, whorish, unclean, unloved, not beautiful. Taddeo spent eight years embedding herself with three subjects from across the country, learning everything she possibly could about their hopes and fears, their most secret erotic selves.

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Please refresh the page and retry. There are truths here — albeit pretty depressing ones, about the often lopsided sexual power dynamics between men and women — but lingering in the margins, unseen and omitted, are the myriad stories that present a different model of desire. For a start, her three subjects are all white, under 40, and predominantly straight Sloane occasionally sleeps with women, but the third party she and her husband invite into their bedroom is usually a man.


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