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Attractive women sit by them, pour them drinks, stroke their thighs, pay them compliments, and these girls can make a fortune from big-spenders seeking to impress them with the most expensive champagne and caviar. The Akeno Gekijo haikyo in Ibaraki is something of an oddity in Japan, as one of only a few actual strip clubs. Of course there are similar venues; hostess bars, soaplands, love hotels, but they each cater to a slightly different crowd and provide a slightly different flavor of tawdry service.

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VIP service from the best show club in Tokyo, Japan. Entertainment the likes of which you have never seen. Upscale entertainment.

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Tokyo Adult Guide. How are Japanese strip clubs? Dojoking TAG Member.

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However, before heading out, a little research will help to get you pointed in the right direction. While this usually includes a ticket for 1 or 2 free drinks, don't be surprised if you get nothing in return aside from live music, a bowl of nuts, or even just a wristband. Try to find the details ahead of time.

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It was here that I found myself, one steamy August night, sitting in a darkened strip joint while the police knocked on the door. I went traveling just about as soon as I was able to leave home. It began with a flight to Tokyo, where, aged 19, I spent three months working in a hostess club, then made a loop around the southern hemisphere before returning back to the U.

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Of course there are similar venues; hostess bars, soaplands, love hotels, but they each cater to a slightly different crowd and provide a slightly different flavor of tawdry service. To find a straight-up strip club complete with central podium, viewing seats, and dancing poles seems a feat beyond expectation. But there it is, on a small back-road in a quiet rural area surrounded by bamboo, half-burnt to the ground and buzzing with mosquitoes.

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Hostess clubs are a common feature in the night-time entertainment industry of East Asian countries. They employ primarily female staff and cater to men seeking drinks and attentive conversation. The modern host clubs are similar establishments where primarily male staff attend to women.

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Investigators knew something fishy was going on in Nagasaki. The horny man in Japan is spoiled for choice when it comes to sexy entertainment. The bar districts of any major Japanese city are packed with hostess clubs, sensual massage parlors, cosplay strip shows, and all sorts of other ways to release that pent-up energy.

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In post-WWII Japan, American-style striptease clubs became a thriving part of the sex entertainment industry, but now they are facing a crisis. During the years of rapid economic growth mid-century, more than of this particular type of strip revue club could be found in the metropolises and hot spring resorts of Japan, but with the end of the bubble era, the number began to fall and has kept on falling. Today, only about 20 remain.

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Tokyo is a complete sensory overload. During the day tourists flock to famous temples, shopping streets, and stuff themselves with ramen and sushi. At night the night owls hit local barssing karaoke till late at night, and of dance till the break of dawn at one of the famous nightclubs. There are western style strip clubs, old-school Japanese strip theaters, and for the moreā€¦ adventurous, peep shows.


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